Steam and Sanitize



Steam & Sanitize 

Each component of your vehicle's interior will be meticulously deep cleaned, steamed, and sanitized to remove most stains and smells, kill bacteria and germs, and restore your vehicle's interior. Includes full carpet and seat steam (Not including baby seat). 


Seat Steam - ALL

Each seat is shampoo'd and steamed to remove most stains, sanitize by killing germs and bacteria, and helps remove any lingering odor to restore your seat's condition. Includes both cloth and leather seats. Does not include baby seats.



Steam & Sanitize

Steams, cleans, & disinfects the essential interior components of the vehicle that are touched most often to disinfect and kill over 99% of germs and bacteria. Includes steering wheel, door panels, center console, vents, etc. Does not include steaming of seats and carpets. 


Baby Seat

Steam & Clean

Did you know baby seats can house over 100 different types of bacteria and fungi if not cleaned routinely? Our steam clean treatment starts with a thorough vacuum and deep cleaning by steaming all components to remove stains, freshen smells, and kill over 99% of bacteria and germs. Price is per seat.


Full Carpet Steam

Our powerful carpet steam cleaning process combines our carpet shampoo with the disinfecting power of steaming to kill germs and bacteria while removing most stains and smells to restore your carpets and mats to like-new condition.


Mat Steam Clean

Restore your carpeted mats by combining our powerful shampoo and steam cleaning process to remove most stains and restore your mat's look to like-new condition. Price is per mat.

Shine & Protect


Ceramic Shield - ALL

The ultimate protection for your vehicle's exterior! Protect all exterior components of your vehicle including paint, wheels, and windows for up to 6 months with our specially formulated ceramic wax sealant that shines, protects, and keeps your vehicle cleaner longer. 


Fabric Stain Blocker

Protect your carpet, seats, and other fabrics from future stains with our hydrophobic fabric protector and stain blocker. Highly recommended to be applied after our seat and/or steam cleaning service! 


Ceramic Paint Shield

Protect your vehicles paint for up to 6 months with our specially formulated ceramic hybrid wax sealant that enhances depth of shine, keeps it cleaner longer by repelling rain and dirt, and keeps your vehicles paint shielded from the elements.


Interior Trim Shine

Our oil-free interior shine gives your interior trim components a light satin shine while protecting it from UV rays to give it the ultimate detailed-look!


Wax Sealant

Keep your vehicle's paint protected for up to two months with our wax sealant that enhances depth of shine and has special anti-static properties that repels dirt and rain from sticking to the surface. Highly recommended for routine maintenance!


Exterior Trim Shine

Have exterior plastic trim that has been faded from constant sun exposure? Our exterior trim shines, protects from UV rays, and restores it's condition to bring it back to look like it's younger self!

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