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Full Detailing Kit
  • Full Detailing Kit

    Get the total detailing package to get the ultimate cleaning, shine, and protection for your vehicle!

    Comes with:

    • Commercial-grade rinse-free detailing pump sprayer 
    • 8oz Wash & Wax Pro ULTRA CONCENTRATE that washes and shines over 125 vehicles
    • 8oz Final Touch for touch up and streak-free windows
    • 8oz Super Cleaner for heavier cleaning and stain removal
    • 8oz Trim & Tire Shine for rims and all plastic components
    • 8oz Repel Pro wax sealant for ultra gloss and depth of shine
    • 8oz Eco Shield Ceramic Sealant to protect your exterior for up to 6 months per application
    • 4 premium "rinse-free approved" microfiber towels
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